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Comprehensive legal support for your rights that you can trust. I have countless years of criminal courtroom experience, why trust anyone else?

Am I Charged With A Crime?

Listed below are a few things that constitute a crime. Just remember not all crimes cause you to be arrested arrested at the time.

When in doubt contact me, don't show up for your court date unprepared.
I can tell you if your case is criminal or not as part of the consultation process.
With my experience as an assistant state attorney I know how to protect your rights that may have been violated.

Armed Robbery
Internet Crime

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Latest News

Below are some articles from me about your rights and better ways to protect them. 


Move B——, get out the way, get out the way!

Everyone knows that in Florida drivers must give cyclists 3 feet of space while passing them. All cyclists know it...
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You have to ride to the right of the white line!!!

Coming of Jupiter Island I had a motorist yell "You have to ride to the right of the white line!"  The...

Don't over think your rights.

They are clear and set in stone, let me help you protect them.